Steadier writing: Is there a tool that can help me hold a pen?

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Is there a tool that can help me hold a pen?


I have Parkinson’s and am finding it challenging to hold a pen and write my signature. Are there technology tools that can help with this?

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It’s important to keep doing your everyday tasks, despite the difficulty that goes along with tremors. There are a number of products that seek to address the issue of shaky handwriting for those with tremor conditions like Parkinson’s:

  • The Steady Write Pen, by SP Ableware-MaddakThe Steady Write Pen by SP Ableware-Maddak (at is designed to help improve the handwriting of people with arthritis, Parkinson’s or other hand limitations. The triangular base balances and stabilizes the hand to smooth out shaky penmanship. This product costs about $10 (U.S.), plus a shipping fee.
  • The Weighted Pen with Grip (at is a ball-point pen that is weighted in order to stabilize the hand while writing.  This product, which is available through a U.S. retailer, costs about $21 (U.S.), plus a shipping fee.
  • Pen and Pencil Weights (at can be reused with any pen or pencil, and placed at different locations on the writing utensil. This set of 6 pen and pencil weights is available from a U.S. retailer and costs about $24 (U.S), plus a shipping fee.

Some technologies and devices may require an in-person assessment. Speak with your health care provider for additional information and support.

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