Picking up pet food bowls: How can my friend easily pick up her dog’s food bowl?

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How can my friend easily pick up her dog’s food bowl?


My friend has a small dog and she struggles to pick up the water and food dish from the floor and put it back down. Is there a device that can help her so that she does not have to bend over?

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For many pet owners, their pets are family and caring for those pets has so many benefits – especially for seniors. However, bending over to pick up a food bowl can be difficult, and even dangerous for some. Thankfully, there are some low-cost strategies and innovative products to support senior pet owners to care for their pets.


This article, Dog Care When You’re Down, published in the Whole Dog Journal makes some clever suggestions to address challenges with food and water bowls. The article mentions placing the bowls inside Easter Baskets, the large loop handle will require less bending to pick up. For water bowls, the author suggests using a narrow spout on a watering can to top up with out bending over.


A number of products have also come out to address this challenge, we have listed a few of them below:

  • No Bend Bone Handle Bowl by Bone Handle (available from amazon.ca) is a bowl with a long, bone-shaped handle. This product costs about $60 (Cdn).
  • No Bend Pet Bowl by is a set of two bowls linked a by long extendable pole with a handle on the top. This product costs about £17 (GBP).
  • KittyKaddy Double Diner by KittyKaddy is a set of two stainless steel bowls that fit into a plastic tray which has a removable pole and ball handle. This product costs about $20 (U.S.).
  • Easy Reach Dog Diner by Petmate (available from petonly.ca) is an elevated platform with inserts for two steel dishes. Consider the height of your pet, and whether or not they could comfortably access food and water from the elevated platform. This product costs about $48 (Cdn).


Another opportunity you may like to explore is using a telescoping magnetic reacher to pick up steel dishes. For example, the Telestik Reacher by Pik Stik has a small magnet at the end of a telescoping pole. Please note that this device can “pick up most metal items up to one pound” so it may not work if the dish is full. This product is available from healthcaresolutions.ca and costs about $20 (Cdn).


Finally, you may be interested in using automatic feeders, particularly when feeding occurs multiple times throughout the day.

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