Photography for memory stimulation: How can I use photos to stimulate my grandmother's memory?

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How can I use photos to stimulate my grandmother's memory?


My grandmother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I've heard that photography is a good way to stimulate memories for people who are losing their memory. Can you recommend some activities or tools involving photography that might help to stimulate her memory?

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You're right - it is well documented that visual aids, like photos, can help to stimulate memories among people who have Alzheimer's.

Displayed is a digital camera sitting on a table with a coffee cup being shown in the camera's preview display.A simple idea that may help stimulate your grandmother's memory is to create a personalized scrapbook-style photo album with captions that are easy to read. You can include photos of family members, friends, caretakers, pets and familiar environments. Depending on your grandmother's mobility, you could even go out into the community together to take photos of familiar places and people and include them in your scrapbook.

Or, if your grandmother is comfortable using a computer, smartphone or tablet, you could also try an online scrapbooking option such as My Own Memory Lane, which is a tool designed to assist those who have memory challenges remember loved ones and significant memories. This service, which allows you to store up to 50 captioned photos, is free for the first week. After your one week trial, the subscription fee is $3 (USD) per month. 

You may also want to check out an article entitled 6 Best Ways to Stimulate Memories through Photos, published by, which offers some other creative ways of using visual aids to promote memory.

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