Low vision kitchen tools: What tools can help my mom cook despite her vision loss?

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What tools can help my mom cook despite her vision loss?


Mom loves cooking, but with her vision loss, she is starting to struggle in the kitchen. I’d like to buy her some helpful tools to keep her motivated to cook. What can you suggest?

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There are many assistive technologies in the marketplace for individuals with vision loss, and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) has a catalogue of devices that may help your mother in the kitchen. This catalogue includes talking scales, timers, and measuring jugs. Below are some direct links to examples of products that you may wish to explore:

  • The Vox-2 Talking Kitchen Scale (at CNIB Smart Life) is a compact scale that announces weight in grams or ounces. This device costs about $80 (CDN). A similar talking scale can also be bought online at amazon.ca.
  • The Talking Timer, by CNIB Smart LifeThe Talking Timer (at CNIB Smart Life) can be used for cooking and as a reminder to take medications. This device can be purchased to speak in French or English and costs about $25 (CDN). A similar product can also be purchased from amazon.ca.
  • The Talking Measuring Jug (at CNIB Smart Life) can measure all types of solids or liquids and can measure up to 34 ounces. This device costs about $150 (CDN).
  • Liquid Level Indicator (at The Brailler Superstore) is a device that attaches to the rim of the mug, pot or jar that provides an instant alert as soon as the mug, pot or jar is too close to full. This device costs about $7 to $10 (CDN), plus an additional shipping fee.

There are several additional strategies your mom can use to improve safety and independence in the kitchen, such as using colour contrasting cutting boards/trays, or a task lamp when chopping ingredients. A list of tips and tricks is available from visionaware.org.

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