Keyboards for visually-impaired Mac users: Are there large-text or braille keyboards for Apple computers?

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Are there large-text or braille keyboards for Apple computers?


There is a keyboard available from the CNIB shop, but I am not sure if it will work with my Apple computer. Are there keyboards for visually-impaired Mac-users?

Our answer

There are two keyboards available from CNIB to support visually-impaired computer users. The Large Print Keyboard, which is not compatible with Mac computers, and the Brailliant Braille Display, which is compatible with Mac computers.

If you are looking for a large print keyboard for a Mac computer, there are several products available that you may wish to explore.

For example, if you already have an Apple keyboard you may want to look at keyboard labels. These large print, high contrast labels include braille – which can be useful for users learning to read braille. Large Print Braille Keyboard Labels are available from CNIB and offer some symbols for Mac Keyboards. This products costs about 45$ (Cdn).

The VisionBoard2 by Special Needs Computers is an Apple-compatible keyboard featuring large-print keys and high contrast black and yellow. The keys are laid out for Windows users, so these keys between the bottom left hand Ctrl key and the space bar will look different. This keyboard requires that the computer’s operating system is MAC OS 10.1.5 or newer. This products costs about 75$ (Cdn).

LogicKeyboard offers several different LargePrint Keyboards for Mac computers. Unlike the VisionBoard, these keys are laid out for Mac-users. These keyboards range in price from $115 to $150 (U.S.).

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