Digital picture frames: Are there any gadgets that do not require either -wifi or a data plan for family members to upload various personal videos and photos?

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Are there any gadgets that do not require either -wifi or a data plan for family members to upload various personal videos and photos?


Are there any gadgets/devices that meet these criteria: tablet size, no wifi or data plan required where a family member can upload various personal videos and photos (perhaps 12 or so) that a senior can easily see as picture icons on the desktop to click on (one click) and view. Low maintenance re: operating system, good memory, battery, storage, RAM, and security.

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Personal digital photos and videos of family members can bring joy, especially when family is not able to visit regularly. But it can be a challenge to share digital media with someone who doesn’t have Wi-Fi or experience navigating technology.

There are a few offline options to bring these memories to senior family members.

  • Digital Photo Frame with Automatic Slideshow by Aluratek (at Amazon Canada) is a very simple digital picture frame that does not require Wi-Fi. Photos and videos are loaded onto a flash drive or SD card which is then inserted into the device. The product costs about $70 (CDN).
  • Digital Photo Frame 10.1 inch (Non-Wi-Fi) by Nix (at Nixplay Canada) is a digital photo frame that does not require Wi-Fi. Instead, users add their videos and photos to a USB stick which is then plugged into the frame. The media plays instantly, but you can choose to cycle through the files by date, name, or set them to shuffle. The frame also features a motion sensor to save power by automatically turning on and off. There is a built-in clock and calendar, and the device can be controlled through a magnetic remote control. This product is also available on and it costs between $195 to $250 (CDN).
  • Familink by AsWeShare (at Eugeria) is a digital photo frame that has more advanced features and allows family members to upload pictures and send messages remotely using a built in 3G connection. The interface is very simple for the user and photos that are sent to the device will just pop up to view. Photos can be sent to the Familink by email, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. As new photos appear, they are added to the gallery and can be viewed and reviewed at any time when they are selected. There is no Wi-Fi connection required but it can be connected to Wi-Fi if desired. The device costs about $200 (CDN) and it comes with three months of 3G internet – there is an option to continue the service for $10 (CDN) per month or connect to a Wi-Fi network. This could be a great option for someone to receive photos and videos over the internet while never actually having a Wi-Fi connection in their home.

There are also some options for family members to share their digital content with a senior in a physical format instead of a device.

  • Famileo is an app that allows family members to share messages and photos of their daily lives. Those photos are then formatted and printed into a personalized paper journal which is shipped every month to the senior. Famileo is a French company that ships around the world and the pricing right now is charged in euros – around €6 for one issue a month.

Another option to explore is to collect family pictures in a shared Dropbox, a online file storage subscription service. Dropbox has a free account option for 2GB space, which could store around 500 to 1000 pictures depending on their resolution size. Then you might want to explore creating a custom photobook for your family member through services such as Walmart Photo, London Drugs Photolab, or Mixbook.

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