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Are there accessible technology related educational resources for Seniors


I am a technologically challenged 76-year-old who has been gifted with a cellphone that is beyond my capability to use. Can you please suggest where I can go to learn how to use it?

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Receiving a new cellphone is an exciting gift but can also be a daunting experience when you are not familiar with its functions. Depending on the brand and make of the new cellphone, there are different things you will need to learn. Luckily there are lots of options for learning! Below are a few community resources for cellphone and technology learning support located in Victoria as well as tech support lines and free online courses.  


Local Community

  • Silver Threads (1911 Quadra Street location) has free one-on-one tech support on Tuesdays from 10:00-10:45 a.m. and Fridays from 1:30-2:30 p.m. You are welcome to drop by at those times to ask questions. Feel free to bring your new cell phone with you.
  • The Cook Street Activity Center has a drop-in program called Tech Talk every Thursday from 2:00-3:30 p.m. This program is a good resource for getting familiar with all sorts of technology. This program is $2 (CAD) for members and $4 (CAD) for non-members.


Support lines

  • Cyber Seniors is a non-profit organization that provides senior citizens with tech-training using an intergenerational, volunteer model. Young people are provided with lessons and learning activities to train them to act as digital mentors and senior citizens gain access to effective technology training. Cyber Seniors is based in Ontario Canada and provides free one on one tech phone tech support as well as free tech online webinars. Cyber Seniors can be reached at 1-844-217-3057.
  • Senior Tech Services is a company based in Toronto and provides senior specific tech support services and free Digital Literacy webinars. Each service is fee based and expands beyond generalized tech support and into digital office skills tech training and classes. Senior Tech Services can be reached at 1-800-401-7820.


Online Tech Classes  

  • TechBoomers provides a vast library of clearly designed computer and cellphone use step by step instructions and courses. All courses are free and can be accessed on any desktop computer. They android phone specific courses as well as iphone specific courses as well.  

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