Cellphones for seniors: Are there any easy-to-use, low-tech cellphones for seniors?

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Are there any easy-to-use, low-tech cellphones for seniors?


My dad has never owned a cellular phone and I want to be able to get a hold of him when he’s out. What do you recommend as a low-tech cellphone that will be easy for him to learn how to use?

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There are a few cellphone models designed especially for easy use. Below are direct links to some examples, which range in price from $0 to $300 (Cdn), depending on the term of your cellphone contract:

  • Doro 824 Phone (at Bell Canada) offers a simple user-interface, including large font and loud sound. Depending on the contract term that you select, this device can cost anywhere from $0 to $300 (Cdn), not including extra fees for ongoing service. Additionally, if you choose to purchase a Doro 824 Phone through Bell Canada and you self-identify as having an accessibility need, you may qualify for a bill credit of $8.54.

Some technologies and devices may require an in-person assessment. Speak with your health care provider for additional information and support.

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