Cellphones for seniors: Are there any easy-to-use, low-tech cellphones for seniors?

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Are there any easy-to-use, low-tech cellphones for seniors?


My dad has never owned a cellular phone and I want to be able to get a hold of him when he’s out. What do you recommend as a low-tech cellphone that will be easy for him to learn how to use?

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There are a few cellphone models designed especially for easy use. Below are direct links to some examples, 

  • Easyfone Prime-A6 4G Unlocked Big Button Basic Senior Mobile Phone (at Amazon Canada) is designed to answer calls with a flip, has big buttons for easy dialling, a loud volume for effortless hearing, and a simple, easy to use operating system. The colourful screen shows big fonts and icons for easy viewing. It also comes with M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatibility(HAC), ideal for customers with hearing aid devices. It even has an SOS emergency button and speed dial functions. The phone can be purchased unlocked and is compatible with Rogers (Fido), Telus (Koodo), Bell (Virgin Mobile) or any carrier that operates on these networks. The phone costs around $90 (CDN), plus additional setup costs and monthly service fees.

Jethro SC490 4G Bar Senior Cellphone, by Jethro Senior TechnologyThere's other similar products such as:

For mobile plans, you can find and compare prices to find the one best suited for you at planhub.ca

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