Walker selection: How do I choose the best walker for myself?

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How do I choose the best walker for myself?


I've reached the point where I need a walker, but it's overwhelming when I look at all the different kinds. I don't want to be influenced by a pushy salesperson in a store. Can you recommend one?

Our answer

You’re right – there is a huge selection of walkers available! To help determine which one is best for you, you may want to “test drive” one before buying, if possible. After all, even the more popular or most expensive walker may not work for you.

Many medical supply retailers offer assessments and fitting services. They often carry several products, so they are less likely to want to sell you a particular brand. We suggest you take advantage of this. Some also have rentals, so you may be able to rent one and see if it meets your needs before you buy.

Below are direct links to some well-known medical supply retailers in BC that sell and/or rent walkers:


Some technologies and devices may require an in-person assessment. Speak with your health care provider for additional information and support.


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