Voice amplification: What devices will amplify my voice?

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What devices will amplify my voice?


Are there any devices available to help amplify my voice?

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There are several similar voice amplification devices available on the marketplace that are designed to amplify a softer voice. Here are a few options that you may want to explore:

Voice amplifiers

  • WinBridge Wireless Voice Amplifier WB711Wireless Voice Amplifier by WinBridge (at Amazon Canada) is a small amplification unit with a wireless headset that is designed to amplify the user’s voice for small group settings. The device is compact in size, can be placed up to several feet away and is designed to last through eight hours of use. This product costs about $60 to $90 (CDN).
  • ChatterVOX 6 Voice Speech Amplifier by ChatterVOX (at diglo.com) is a personal speech amplifier that is designed to raise the speaker’s voice about 22 decibels at around 3.3 feet. The device offers about eight to ten hours of operation time. Special Needs Computers offers this device along with options for several peripherals - such as different microphones and chargers - at an additional cost. This device costs around $280 (USD), plus a shipping fee from Harris Communications. At Special Needs Computers, this product costs about $480 (CDN).

One option that you may be interested in is using an app to make your smart phone’s microphone send your voice to an amplifier or external speaker, such as a Bluetooth speaker.

For iOS devicesMicrophone Live by VonBruno

  •  Microphone Live by VonBruno is a free app that is designed to use the microphone on your iOS device to relay your voice to another source, such as a speaker or amplifier. The app has a paid version, VonBruno Microphone, which costs about $7 (CDN). If you would like an idea of how the app works, watch “Turn your Phone into a Megaphone…” by mzzazn.
  • AirMic by Haw-Yuan Yang is a paid app that is designed to connect an iOS device to a computer’s speakers through WiFi, giving the user a large area to project their voice from. This app costs about $3 (CDN) on the app store.

For Android devices

  • Microphone” by Gaz Davidson enables the phone’s microphone to be connected to an external speaker or amplifier. This app is free on the Google Play store.
  • WO Mic by Wolicheng Tech enables the phone to be connected to a computer via Bluetooth, USB, or WiFi. This app is free on the Google Play store but offers an in-app purchase to remove ads.

To learn more about which amplifier is best for your needs, you may want to explore different buying guides and reviews for these voice amplifiers, such as “The 10 Best Voice Amplifiers” from Ezvid Wiki.

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