Sport support: What wrist and ankle supports can help me continue to play tennis?

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What wrist and ankle supports can help me continue to play tennis?


As I’m aging, I’m finding that my muscles are feeling weaker and that old injuries are affecting my ability to continue to play tennis. I need something that will help keep my wrists and ankles stable for tennis. What can you recommend?

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Airflow Plus Ankle Support, by Neo GIt is important, both mentally and physically, to be able to continue playing the sports you love, as long as it is still safe to do so. Luckily, there are a number of products designed to help support wrists, knees and ankles when playing sports, such as tennis.

Depending on your specific needs and situation, you may want to determine whether you require a medical grade orthopedic or sports support. Products that are registered as "Class 1 medical devices," may qualify for reimbursement under extended medical plans.

For example, Neo G ensures its products meet Class 1 medical device requirements. Please be mindful that the prices on their website are in USD and shipping fees may apply.

Bauerfiend carries both medical-grade compression, that will have the medical benefits of increased healing bloodflow, stability and proprioception, and sports aupports, that are ideal for shorter bursts of intense activity and injury prevention.

Otherwise, local sporting equipment stores, like SportChek, often carry a number of products specifically designed to support wrists and ankles during physical activity. Here is a direct link to SportChek’s selection of:

If you still can’t find what you're looking for, please ask us a question.