Sending reminders: Is there a device where I can send a voice message that is played aloud?

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Is there a device where I can send a voice message that is played aloud?


My mother likes extra time to get ready for when we go out, and I want a way to give her a heads up when I am heading over so that I don't have to call her from the car or wait while she gets ready. A phone call wouldn't work because if she is getting ready she's not going to pick up the call. Is there a device where I can send her a voice message and she can just listen to it?

Our answer

Sometimes even seemingly insignificant activities can become stressful for seniors and caregivers. Some seniors require extra time to go through their routine before leaving the home, so giving them a heads up is a great way to prevent a stressful situation from happening. Thankfully, there are some devices that help facilitate that communication.

We have listed some products below that you might like to explore:

  • Tochie by Tochtech Technologies is a speaker that allows for personalized voice recordings, those recordings can be scheduled or sent remotely via WiFi. This product is also available from or in-store from Camel Senior Shop in Richmond, Advanced Medical in West Vancouver and Self Care Home Health Products with locations in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. It costs about $90 (Cdn)plus additional shipping fees.
  • Reminder Rosie by Simpl Reminder Rosie by Simpl TechnologyTechnology is a hands-free, voice-activated alarm clock, memory aid and daily organizer. Using a smartphone, reminders are programmed in advance, either reoccurring or as a one-time event. This product is also available online from London DrugsSpecial Needs Computers and The Alzheimer’s Store Canada. It costs between $100 and $200 (Cdn) plus additional shipping fees.

Another area you may like to explore is voice-activated devices, since sending reminders remotely is a feature on many smart home devices.

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