Self-leveling spoons: What devices are out there to help a person with tremors to feed them self?

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What devices are out there to help a person with tremors to feed them self?


Where can I buy the Steady Spoon? Is there a specific type that works best?

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Feeding oneself can be a challenge for people experiencing tremors. Recently, there has been growing popularity around the development of innovative utensils that remain stable while the hand is shaking. Now we are seeing many of these products becoming available, but it can be difficult to navigate what is out there and what is available. We have listed a few commercially available self-leveling spoons below for you to review:

  • Steady Spoon (available from Performance Health) uses counter weights within the spoon to keep it level. It also features a hook and loop strap for easy gripping. This product costs about $65 (Cdn).
  • ELISpoon also uses counter weights outside of the spoon to keep it level. The swivel capability between the spoon bowl and the handle allows for a full 360° rotation without spillage. The teaspoon option costs about $70 (U.S.) and the tablespoon option costs about $80 (U.S.). For improved gripping they recommend purchasing an EazyHold Universal Cuff attachment. This product is also available from Performance Health where costs about $80 (Cdn) for the teaspoon option.
  • Liftware Steady (available from Bios Medical) is an electronically stabilizing handle with a variety of attachments including a soup spoon, an everyday spoon, and a fork. The product claims that attached utensils shake 70% less than the hand that holds them. The starter set, which does not include the fork or everyday spoon attachments, costs about $300 (Cdn). If the price is restrictive you may qualify for the device through The Uplift Program from the Melvin Weinstein Parkinson’s Foundation.
  • Gyenno Smart Spoon is another electronically stabilizing handle with a spoon or fork attachment. This product claims to offset 85% of tremors movement. It is available on for about $200 (U.S.).

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