Phones for reduced vision: Where can I find a phone for someone whose eyesight is failing?

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Where can I find a phone for someone whose eyesight is failing?


My Mom’s eyesight is failing - can you recommend a big button phone and/or one with pictures so she doesn’t have to remember numbers?

Our answer

There are many assistive The P300 Amplified Phone, by Clarity Productstechnologies in the marketplace for individuals with vision loss, and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) has a catalogue of devices that may help your mother.

  • This catalogue includes the P300 Amplified Photo Phone by Clarity Products which offers nine programmable photo memory buttons. This product can be bought online for about $65 to $75 (CDN) from a number of online retailers, including and
  • XLC2+ Phone with Talking Caller ID, by Clarity ProductsThe CNIB catalogue also includes the XLC2 Phone with Talking Caller ID by Clarity Products. This device announces the phone number of the incoming caller and has 12 speed-dial buttons. Product prices range from $160 to $210 (USD). This product can be purchased from a number of online retailers, including CNIB Online Shop and
  • Alternatively, the CL100 Big Button Amplified Phone by Geemarc (at makes dialing easy to use with its large buttons, nine speed-dial buttons and three emergency buttons. This device, which costs about $60 to $80 (CDN) can also be bought at other online retailers, including The Source Canada.

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