Pant Hangers: How can I hang my pants using only one hand?

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How can I hang my pants using only one hand?


Is there a device that can help a one handed user hang pants on a clothes peg type hanger?

Our answer

Folding and hanging one’s clothes is an important part of self-care but having only one arm available can make that understandably challenging. While our team could not find a device designed to assist with traditional peg type hangers, there are some hangers that could make hanging pants with one hand easier.

Here are some options you might want to explore:

  • Simply Essential™ 4-Tier Friction Swing Arm Pant Hanger (at Bed, Bath, and Beyond) can hang up to four pants at once and could be used with one hand by laying the hanger onto a bed or table and folding the pants over the bars. The rubbered bars are designed to prevent pants from sliding off. The product costs around $12 to $18 (CDN) plus additional shipping costs.
  • Friction Pant Hangers, by Simply EssentialSimply Essential™ Friction Pant Hangers (at Bed, Bath, and Beyond) is the single bar version of the 4-tier pant hanger. The benefit of a single hanger it its opening to one side, which makes it easier to slide on folded pants. However, the cost is higher around $25 (CDN) for a set of 3, plus additional shipping cost.
  • Squared Away™ Wooden Trouser Clamp Hangers is a pant hanger with large clamps that can stay unlocked. To hang your pants one-handed you could lay the pants onto a bed or table and slide the opened clamp hanger onto the pants before snapping it close. The product costs $10 to $15 (CDN) for a set of 4, plus additional shipping costs. Wodden hangers that stay open can be purchased in varies stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, Amazon Canada, and Walmart.
  • Laundry Hook Boot Clips (at Amazon) could be used to hang pants by looping the hook through a belt loop and clipping the clip to a wire rack. For a cleaner looking hanging solution, you could lay the pants onto a bed or table and attach two clips on either end of the pants’ waistband. The product costs around $15 to $20 (CDN) for a set of 8, plus additional shipping costs.
  • Vpang Super Strong Black Plastic Clever Clips (at Amazon) functions the same as the boot clips but offer a stronger hold and cost around $15 to $20 for a set of 10, plus additional shipping costs.

If you wish you could talk to an occupational therapist who would be able to give more specific advice to your condition. We wish you every success in finding a solution.

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