One-handed landline use: How can I hold a phone and make notes with only one hand?

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How can I hold a phone and make notes with only one hand?


How can I use my phone (handset - landline) while making notes with only one hand?

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Comfortably using a telephone while making notes can be challenging especially with use of only one hand. Depending on your specific handset, you may be able to set the call to speakerphone. Once the number has been dialed and speakerphone is on, place the headset down and prepare to take notes.

There are also several products related to this challenge that you may be interested in exploring. Below we have separated the products into accessories to be added to your existing landline and new communication systems:

Telephone accessories

  • Phone Shoulder Rest by Rest-a-PhonePhone Shoulder Rest by Rest-a-phone is a telephone attachment that supports the phone on the user's shoulder. There is an adjustable tilt angle so it can be used on either the left or right shoulder. This product costs about $20 (USD), plus shipping fees.
  • Telephone Shoulder Rest by Softalk (at Amazon Canada) is a cushioned, non-slip telephone attachment that supports the phone while distributing pressure across the shoulder and neck. There are several variations of this product which tend to cost between $20 and $60 (CDN) and it is also available from Walmart.
  • Hand Free Headset by Panasonic (at Best Buy) is a set of headphones with a microphone that is intended to be plugged directly into the phone or handset. This product costs about $35 (CDN). Check your handset beforehand to see if there is a place to plug in a headset – if you are unsure, bring the handset or a picture of it to an electronics retailer and they can help you find the optimal headset for your system.

Communication systems

  • Serene Innovation RCx-1000 Remote Control Speakerphone (at is a voice-activated phone that uses only speakerphone. To answer a call using your voice, the user must say “Hello” or whistle loudly towards the microphone. To make a call, press the button on the remote and the system will highlight one number at a time out of a list of 32 pre-programmed numbers then press the button when the number you want to call is highlighted –or dial as normal from the base station. The device costs about $500 (USD), plus shipping fees.
  • Totally Hands Free – Voice Activated Telephone by Assistive Technology Services is a landline phone system that allows for voice dialing and hands-free speakerphone. Once the phone is set up, you can dial and talk on the phone without touching the phone at all. This product costs about $300 (USD), plus shipping fees.
  • Google Home Mini by Google (at Best Buy) is a smart speaker with a wide range of features including hands-free dialing for outgoing calls; it does not accept incoming calls. The device uses wireless internet and the user simply speaks to the device and asks to call a registered contact. This product costs about $40 to $80 (CDN).

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