Neck support pillow: What pillow will support my grandfather's neck when sitting down?

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What pillow will support my grandfather's neck when sitting down?


My grandfather spends a lot of his time sitting down in front of the TV and he often dozes off while sitting up. Unfortunately, falling asleep in awkward positions has caused him to develop a lot of pain and strain in his neck. Do you know if there is such a thing as a pillow specifically designed to support a person's neck while sleeping in a sitting-down position?

Our answer

Falling asleep while sitting up, especially without proper support, can cause a lot of strain on a person's neck. There are a number of supportive pillow products available on the market that are specially designed to support the neck while in a seated position. Here are direct links to a few examples of products you may wish to explore:

  • LEISIME Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Neck(at Amazon Canada) is a flexible pillow that can be easily bent around your neck, providing support when doing stationary activities, such as watching TV or reading. This product costs about $30 to $50 (CDN), plus an additional shipping fee.
  • Chin Supporting Travel Pillow by BCozzy (at Amazon Canada) is a neck pillow that provides comfort and support to the head, neck and chin simultaneously. This product costs about $80 (CDN), plus an additional shipping fee.
  • Therapedic U-Neck Support Pillow (at Bed, Bath & Beyond Canada) is a  pillow made of memory foam with curved edges that support your head when sleeping in an upright position. The cost of this pillow is about $40 (CDN), plus an additional shipping fee.
  • Ultimate Travel Pillow by Travelrest (at Amazon Canada) is an inflatable pillow that provides full lateral support for the upper body and promotes proper head and neck alignment when on an airplane, bus or when watching TV. This pillow costs about $60 to $80 (CDN), plus a shipping fee.

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