Independent scales: My husband is unable to bear weight, how can he weigh himself at home?

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My husband is unable to bear weight, how can he weigh himself at home?


My husband is unable to weight bear at all (quadriplegic) and uses an overhead lift. He would like to be able to weigh himself at home. What options are there?

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There are few options for you and your husband to explore: lift scales (also called hoist scales), ramp scales, and under-bed scales.

The lift scales attach to the overhead lift and are used to weigh the individual while they are being held by the lift. These products may be designed for use with multiple types of lift or for one particular overhead lift – it is recommended to first reach out to the manufacturer of the overhead lift to see if they offer any compatible lift scales. The Digital Scale by Guldmann is a good example of a lift scale.

The ramp scales are intended to weigh the individual while they are using their wheelchair or powerchair. Many of these scales allow the users to input the weight of the chair in advance and then the scale automatically subtracts the weight of the chair. When selecting a ramp scale it is important to note the width and weight of the chair to ensure the lift is compatible. VitalityMedical has a wide range of different ramp lifts.

The under-bed scales are placed under the bed and weigh the individual and the bed. Like the ramp scales, many under-bed scales allow the user to input the weight of the bed and then the scale will automatically subtract the weight of the bed. The Digital Under-Bed Scale by MedWeigh has four pads which can be placed under each leg of a bed or under each wheel of a wheelchair.

When purchasing any equipment such as this, a consultation with a regulated health professional, such as an occupational therapist (OT) or physiotherapist (PT), is recommended to ensure that the device is appropriate and safe for the individual and their environment.

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