Hip kits: What tools can help to support independent dressing?

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What tools can help to support independent dressing?


My husband is scheduled for hip surgery next month. Knowing how independent he is, he won't want me hovering around and trying to help him. Can you recommend some items for when he gets home from the hospital, so he can dress on his own?

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You may be interested in knowing about Hip Kits, which conveniently provide a variety of tools designed to help a person accomplish activities of daily living (e.g. dressing, bathing) following hip surgery. In fact, Hip Kits often include those items most often suggested by therapists. Purchasing a kit is much less expensive than buying all the items separately. While using these tools, be sure to still follow the post-surgery hip precautions provided by hospital health professionals. Depending on these precautions, your husband may also need some additional items, such as a raised toilet seat, bath chair/bench, non-slip bath mat and high-density foam cushion. 

Here are direct links to some examples of Hip Kits (ranging in price from about $40 to $60 Cdn) that you may want to explore:

Bios Medical Living Standard Hip Kit (at Senick) includes:

  • Metal shoehorn
  • Reacher
  • Bath brush
  • Elastic shoe laces
  • Sock aid

Patterson Medical Hip Kit with 32-inch Reacher (at Healthcare Solutions) includes:

  • 32-inch Reacher
  • Sock Aid for socks or stockings
  • Long-Handled Bath Sponge
  • Long Handled Metal Shoehorn


Some technologies and devices may require an in-person assessment. Speak with your health care provider for additional information and support.

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