Padded underwear: Where can I get padded underwear to prevent hip fractures?

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Where can I get padded underwear to prevent hip fractures?


I'm worried that with his increase in falls that my step-father will fracture his hip. A friend told me about padded underwear that can help to cushion a person’s fall. Do you know anything about this?

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As we age, the risk of falling and thus injury increases. Luckily, there are products designed to keep your step-father and decrease the chance of injury. Here are some padded underwears to consider:

  • One of the HipSaver models, by Brown HealthcareThe HipSaver (at Brown Healthcare)  is a discreet, padded undergarment that comes in several models and sizes. It is specifically designed to protect hips in the event of a fall. Depending on the model selected, this device can range in price from $65 to $90 (CDN), plus additional shipping fees.
  • Posey Hipster Male Fly Brief (at Lifesupply) comes with high impact-absorbing viscoelastic pads that help protect from fall injuries. Posey offers several other models to consider. Their hip protectors range from $70 to $130 (CDN), plus additional shipping fees.
  • ComfiHip Hip Protector Underwear (at Nightingale Medical) is available for men, women, and unisex. The product costs around $100 to $130 (CDN), plus additional shipping fees.
  • Padded Shorts Protective Underwear (at Amazon Canada) helps protect keep your hips save during impact sports, such as rugby or football. However, it could also be used for fall protection. Sports underwear range in costs from $30 to $80 (CDN) depending on company and features.

There are a number of other factors that can reduce your risk of falling. You can complete a BC Government falls risk questionnaire to determine your step-father's risk of falling as well as actions he can take to prevent falls and remain independent. 

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