Electronic door lock: What device will allow someone to securely enter and lock the house without a key?

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What device will allow someone to securely enter and lock the house without a key?


Since my 87-year-old dad now requires 24-hour care, I have five paid caregivers who need access in and out of the house. There is a high rate of turnover among caregivers, so I don’t want to distribute keys to each one as they are easily lost and copied. Do you know of a technology that will allow my caregivers to easily and securely enter and lock the house without a key?

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It is very important for caregivers to be able to reliably enter and exit their client’s home. There are a number of products on the market that allow for keyless entry and exit. Below are direct links to some examples of products that you may want to explore:

  • Electronic Door Locks are devices that feature a keypad on the exterior door instead of a keyhole. Rather than using a key, simply enter your passcode on the keypad to access your home. To lock the door, close it behind you and press the lock button on the keypad. The passcode can be changed, as needed. A number of retailers offer a wide selection of electronic door locks for do-it-yourself installation, including Lowes Canada, Canadian Tire and Home Depot Canada, or you could have a local locksmith install one for you. Electronic door locks are a relatively low-cost solution, ranging from about $70 to $300 (CDN). 
  • The Smart Lock Homekit by August (at Amazon Canada) is another option for key-less entry if your caregivers are all comfortable with using Apple devices (iPhones and iPads only). With this product, you can open the door by approaching it with your Apple device. Each user has a unique key and you can track who enters and exits your home using the 24/7 activity log on the August Home app (available only for iPhone and iPad). This product costs about $250 to $300 (CDN).
  • Portable Key Storage Compartment by Master Lock (at Home Depot Canada) is a large key storage compartment that is secured by a combination that you set up on your own. While this product still involves the use of keys, it ensures that they are always left securely by the door, reducing concerns about misplaced and/or lost keys. This device, which attaches directly to the door handle, costs about $40 to  $50 (CDN), plus a shipping fee. Similar devices can also be purchased from other online retailers, including Uline Canada.

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