Caregiver stress: What are some apps that will help me reduce stress and fall asleep?

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What are some apps that will help me reduce stress and fall asleep?


I have been caring for my husband who has been ill for about six months and I now have occasional insomnia due to stress and anxiety. I’ve tried all sorts of things that don't work for me and I'm hoping you have some suggestions about something I could use on my cellphone that could help me. I’d rather not take medication.

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You certainly aren’t alone. Providing care for others can have a significant impact on one’s physical and mental health. In fact, a 2013 Statistics Canada study called Family caregiving: What are the consequences? found that 55% of people caring for a spouse experienced sleep problems and 74% reported feeling worried or anxious.

We’ve provided direct links to a few examples of popular sleep apps below:

  • Sleep Easily Meditations by Diviniti Publishing – a popular free app for iPhones and iPads that gently guides you through every step of the way to relax your whole body and mind. In-app purchases cost about $4 (USD).
  • Sleepo: relaxing sounds by Relaxio is a free app for Android devices that offers a library of relaxing sounds, including those found in nature, city sounds and white noise.
  • Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson is available for Apple devices and costs about $3 (USD). Deep Sleep uses step-by-step instructions to guide you in meditation and relaxation. 

You may also be interested in visiting the Ability411 resources page, which offers some useful information on caregiver supports in the community.

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