Call bell: Is there an alert device, like the ones that hospitals use, for home use?

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Is there an alert device, like the ones that hospitals use, for home use?


Because of my in-laws’ increasing cognitive decline, my husband and I recently moved into a large home with them. We’ve discovered that we need some sort of calling device – like the ones used for calling nurses in hospitals – so my father-in-law can alert us when he needs something. Can you suggest something?

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Staying connected with older family members in a large or multi-level house helps ensure everyone is safe. While an old-fashioned brass bell might work for some, others require a more sophisticated solution. Below are direct links to some products you may wish to explore:

  • Sadotech has a “call bell” device with good range (the distance the device can operate within) and several added features. The range is an important consideration if you are in a large house. Purchasing a portable battery-operated receiver-monitor to go along with it may also be helpful. While is an American retailer, this device can also be purchased at a number of Canadian online retailers, including, where it costs about $35 to $50 (Cdn) plus a shipping fee.
  • Two-Way Voice Pendant by DirectAlert is convenient for those living independently or who are frequently at home alone. This product employs a standard phone line and allows the user to communicate with a person on the other end. DirectAlert offers a monthly subscription fee that allows users to easily contact the company’s agent. It should be noted that this pendant may be difficult to use for someone with fine motor impairments. For more information on pricing, call DirectAlert at 1-877-391-1767.

Some technologies and devices may require an in-person assessment. Speak with your health care provider for additional information and support.

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