Bed safety: What device can help my mom get out of bed safely?

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What device can help my mom get out of bed safely?


My dad used to help my mom get out of bed because she has trouble standing up. Now that he’s more unsteady on his feet, I worry that both of them will fall when he’s helping her up. What can you recommend to support them with this challenge?

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Many products help people get in and out of bed, including: bed handles, which fit under a mattress or by the side of bed; a rope ladder bed hoist, for those with adequate arm strength; leg lifters, for those who lack strength in their legs; and equipment that adjusts the height of the bed or lifts the person out of a bed (a bed “trapeze”).

Knowing which type of device to choose – let alone the brand – depends on several considerations, such as how strong your mom is in her upper body, how steady she is once she’s on her feet, how much money she and your dad can afford, and so on.

Before purchasing a device, you might see if the Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program can help your parents. With a referral from a healthcare professional (e.g. doctor, nurse, occupational therapist), your mom can borrow a device for a short term. This may help in deciding which device to purchase for the longer term. Here is a direct link to the Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program in BC, which includes a link to the required referral form.

Other organizations, such as HME Mobility and Accessibility, allow you to rent these types of devices on a monthly basis, as well as purchase them directly. HME has showrooms in Richmond, Surrey and Victoria, which enable people to try out some of the equipment. Here is a direct link to HME’s bedroom products for rent.

If you are on Vancouver Island, you may want to consider renting with Island Mediquip, which has stores in Victoria, Courtenay, Duncan, Nanaimo, and Campbell River.

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