Bank note reader: Is there a device that can help my grandmother see bank notes (cash) more easily?

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Is there a device that can help my grandmother see bank notes (cash) more easily?


My grandmother prefers to use bank notes (cash) to pay for things. However, as her vision gets worse, I worry that she can no longer differentiate between bank notes, and that someone will take advantage of her. Can you recommend a device that will help her differentiate between bank notes?

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To help feel more confident when paying with bank notes, your grandmother may be interested in a device that can identify and state out-loud the value of each bill. Below are direct links to some examples of products that do this:

  • If your grandmother has a smartphone or tablet, she may also be interested in knowing about Cash Reader app. This app is free and can be downloaded for Apple and Android devices. To use this app, simply point your smartphone or tablet’s camera at the banknote and the application will then instantly tell you the value of the bill out loud (if VoiceOver is activated).
  • Seeing AI is a free app made by Microsoft, which is available on the Apple App Store. The app is designed for the blind and low vision community to read aloud nearby people, text, and objects - including bank notes.

Below you will find a direct link to instructions on how to activate VoiceOver:

You might also be interested in learning how to identify real Canadian and US bills to avoid falling victim to counterfeit bills:

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