Adapted golf equipment: Are there adapted golf tools for people with arthritis?

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Are there adapted golf tools for people with arthritis?


I really enjoy golfing but my arthritis has made it very difficult for me to use standard golf clubs and equipment. Do you know of any tools or devices that make it easier for someone with severe arthritis to play golf?

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It is frustrating when arthritis makes it difficult to do the sports and activities that you enjoy. Thankfully, there are a number of tools and devices out there that make it easier for people with arthritis to play sports, such as golf. Below are direct links to some golf products and devices that you may want to explore:

  • Lamkin Arthritic Grip (at Golf Works Canada) offers a texturized grip, minimizing the effort needed to hold a standard golf club. This product costs about $10 (CDN), plus a shipping fee. Larger diameter grips will also make it easier to hold the club, especially if poor grip strength is an issue.
  • Bionic Relief Grip 2.0 Gold Gloves, by BionicBionic Relief Grip 2.0 Gold Gloves (at Bionic) offers an ergonomic design that makes it easier to grip the golf club. The glove adjusts to fit any thumb size and is designed to allow for increased flexibility, ensuring that your golf swing is not compromised. This product can be purchased for the left or right hand and costs about $35 (USD), plus a shipping fee. 
  • One-Click Folding 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart by Caddytek (at Amazon Canada) is a lightweight golf cart that is useful for people with arthritis because it reduces the effort required for carrying and transporting golf clubs. This product costs about $280 (CDN).

For more tips on golfing with arthritis, you may also be interested in reading an article published by the Arthritis Foundation entitled Smart Tips for Golfing with Arthritis

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