Adapted eating utensils: Where can I buy eating utensils adapted for people with hand tremors?

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Where can I buy eating utensils adapted for people with hand tremors?


My wife has weakness in her hands and her tremors seem to be getting worse. It is very difficult for her to use a knife and fork and to eat independently. Can you recommend something that will help with this?

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There are a number of eating utensils available on the market that are specifically designed to help individuals with hand tremor conditions eat more confidently and independently. Below are direct links to some examples of these products:

  • Good Grips Weighted Utensils by OXO International (at have adjustable handles that weigh more than standard utensils in order to provide more control for people with limited hand mobility. This product is available through a U.S. retailer. You may choose to purchase a single utensil, which costs about $13 to $14 (USD) or a set of four utensils, which includes a fork, teaspoon, tablespoon and knife and costs about $35 to $40 (USD), plus an additional shipping fee.
  • Weighted Utensils by Kinsman (at Seniors Store) also have additional weight in the handle, making it easier for people with Parkinson’s or hand tremors to eat. These eating utensils are good for any social situation as they have a discreet appearance, similar to typical utensils. Each utensil is purchased separately and costs about $25 (CDN), plus a shipping fee.
  • The Lifttware Steady Starter Kit (at is a battery-charged piece of tableware specifically designed for patients suffering from hand tremor conditions. It can sense and offset hand tremors to provide an easier and more stable dining experience. The device, which is available through a U.S. retailer, costs about $195 (USD) plus shipping fees and includes a soup spoon attachment. Other attachments can be purchased separately. Lifeware also offers the Self Level Starter Kit, where the utensil detects the positions and rotation of the hand and adjust the bend of the spoon to remain level. The Level Starter Kit costs around $195 (USD) plus shipping fees.
  • Lifestyle Handle Cup, by Drive MedicalLifestyle Handle Cup by Drive Medical (at Macdonald’s Home Health Care) is specifically designed to help people who have tremor conditions. This product, which costs about $20 (CDN), features an anti-splash lid and spout to avoid potential hot beverage burns or spills. It can also be purchased online from Walmart Canada.
  • ELISpoon (at Performance Health) is a spoon designed for individuals with limited hand/arm mobility, including those with Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injury, Huntington’s disease, or post-stroke limitations. The spoon uses a counterbalance to control the food in the user’s hand, providing a sense of control while eating. The spoon costs about $80 (USD) plus an additional shipping fee.

There are also some postural strategies your wife can use to minimize the impact of her tremors. For example, sitting as close to the table and plate as possible and stabilizing your upper body and arms against the table.


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