Accessible phones: Are there phones that are designed for users with hearing and vision impairments?

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Are there phones that are designed for users with hearing and vision impairments?


Main focus is communication. I am severely hearing and vision impaired. I am in need of a phone that is accessible to me.

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It is essential to have an accessible phone in the home. There are plenty of phones designed for people with hearing impairments, and plenty for those with visual impairments. Thankfully, there are a few products that have been designed for users with both hearing and visual impairments.

  • JF11W Big Button Corded Phone by JeKaVis (available online from Walmart) is designed with for users with vision and hearing impairments. It is an amplified phone that features extra large keys and a flashing ringer. This product can purchased online through amazon.caIt costs about $55 to $75 (Cdn).
  • FC-1507 Big Button Phone by Future Call is an amplified landline phone that is hearing aid compatible and can boost sound up to 40 decibels. It features large clear buttons and a flashing ringer. It costs about $40 (U.S.)

When the phone rings it can be challenging for some to hear even the loudest ringer. Both landline and cellphone can be used with a signalling device. These products that translate a ringer into a flashing light or a vibration. We have listed a few options below:

  • KRN-K-RA-005 Amplified Ringer with Strobe by Krown (available from is a landline telephone accessory that features a louder ring and a bright flashing strobe light. The ringer volume can go up to 120 decibels. This product costs about $70 (Cdn).
  • RF200 Cell & Landline Alert Device by Serene Innovations (available from Diglo) is a station that alerts users of incoming calls –either from a cell phone or a landline. The device uses bright flashing lights to alert the user. A cellphone can be placed on the device while set to vibrate, and that phone’s vibration triggers the alert. For landlines, a cable can be plugged directly into the device. This product costs about $65 (U.S).

You might also be interested in the Lucia phone, which is unfortunately unavailable due to supply chain disruption. Lucia (available from Raz Mobility) is an innovation new cellphone designed for users with vision impairments and those who are hard of hearing. It features large buttons, a voice guide that speaks everything and a dedicated ‘Sound Boost’ button that provides additional volume. It regularly costs about $300 (U.S.).

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