Sleep trackers: What device can track the sleep of someone with Alzheimer’s?

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What device can track the sleep of someone with Alzheimer’s?


My friend has Alzheimer’s. Some days are much worse than others. One thought is to measure her sleep hours as poor sleep might explain those days. The watch monitors are likely to confuse her or be mislaid. Are there any other devices that work well for measuring sleep hours and which are less likely to be mislaid?

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Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for a person’s health and wellbeing. Below are a few resources you may want to explore. You may also want to consider consulting with a regulated health professional regarding strategies for improving sleep quality for your friend. 

  • SleepScore Max ( is entirely non-contact; the device uses bio-motion sensors to measure your respiration and body movement. The Max monitor is placed on your bedside table and tracks four stages of sleep. This device is compatible with IOS and Android. This product costs about $150 (USD), plus additional shipping.
  • Withings Sleep Tracking Mat slips right under your mattress and tracks your sleep cycles, heart rate, breathing disturbances, and even snoring. It analyzes your data to provide you with customized reports and to coach to help you achieve better sleep. The product costs around $130 to $140 (CDN), plus additional shipping fees. You can purchase the product from Canadian retailers such as Best Buy

You might also be interested in reading some suggestions on improving sleep for people with Alzheimer’s at Alzheimer’s Association.

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