Limited mobility & grooming: What tools can help my grandma care for her hair?

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What tools can help my grandma care for her hair?


My grandma’s Parkinson’s makes her arms and hands feel weak. As a result, she is finding it difficult both to wash and dry her hair – two activities that have always been important parts of her grooming routine. Do you have any suggestions?

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To wash her hair, your grandma could try pouring some shampoo onto a long-handled sponge or brush and then rubbing her hair with it. For hair drying, consider a device that holds a blow dryer on a counter or vanity.

Below are some direct links to examples of these products, which range in price from $20 to $60 (Cdn):

  • Beauty Hair Washer (at Groupe ERP) is a lightweight, ergonomically designed hair washing aid that allows users to reach their entire scalp during shampooing.
  • Aidapt Long-Handled Brush and Comb Set (at eBay Canada) features extra-long, ergonomically-designed handles with rubber grip.
  • Hair Dryer Holder, by Drive MedicalDrive Hair Dryer Holder (at Seniors Store) can be placed on a counter or table. Its flexible neck adjusts to any position and holds any blow dryer; foam padding holds the dryer in place.

If your grandma has weak grip strength, she may need to use foam tubing to improve her ability to hold the long-handled brush/comb or hair washer. Below is a direct link to an example of such a product:

  • Colour Coded Handle Foam, by SP Ableware-MaddakColor Coded Handle Foam by SP Ableware-Maddak (at can help to increase the size of the handle on hard to grasp items. This product is available from a U.S. retailer and costs about $14 (U.S.), plus an additional shipping fee. 


Some technologies and devices may require an in-person assessment. Speak with your health care provider for additional information and support. 

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