Anti-slip protectors: What product will give me more traction when walking in the snow?

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What product will give me more traction when walking in the snow?


I pride myself on going for a walk each day, even in snowy and icy conditions. However, I am now 75 years old and I find that my balance is worse than it used to be, especially when walking in the snow. Do you know of a product that I can attach to my shoes that will provide me with more traction or grip when I walk around outside in winter conditions?

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It can be difficult to stay active in the winter time, especially if it is snowy and icy outside. If you do choose to walk outside in the snow, it is important to have the right equipment. Anti-slip protectors, also known as 'crampons,' are attachments made out of rubber and/or steel that attach to your shoes in order to give you more traction when walking in the snow and ice. Below are direct links to some examples of these products, all of which cost less than $60 (CDN):

  • Airgo Snow Grabbers (at have non-slip studs that offer excellent traction in snow and ice. This product comes in men's and women's sizes and costs about $20 (CDN), plus a shipping fee. 
  • 12 Teeth Anti-Slip Traction Cleats by Binguo (at Amazon Canada) is a more heavy-duty product that offers aggressive traction, allowing you to dig into a wide range of terrains. This product costs about $30 (CDN), plus a shipping fee. 
  • Crampons Anti-slip Shoe Spikes (at Walmart Canada) is another heavy-duty product with 19 spikes. These anti-slip protectors cost about $30 to $50 (CDN), plus a shipping fee.

Activator Poles, by Urban PolingYou may also be interested in knowing about walking or hiking poles, which may provide additional stability when walking. Activator Poles (at Urban Poling) were designed by an occupational therapist to provide additional support while walking. Walking poles can range in price from $15 to $200 (CDN) and can also be purchased at many other online retailers including Canadian Tire and Atmosphere

If you prefer to use a cane while walking, the DMI 5 Prong Ice Grip Attachment for Canes or Crutches by Mabis Healthcare (at Amazon Canada) attaches to nearly any cane and helps reduce the risk of falling in icy or snowy conditions while using the cane. This item costs about $15 to $30 (CDN) plus an additional shipping fee. This product can also be purchased from Walmart or Senior Store. Another similar product, sold by Medics Mobility Inc. for about $20 (CDN), is a universal cane/crutch tip which features a retractable ice tip.

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